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What to Look For and What to Avoid When Choosing an Ecommerce Multi Carrier Shipping Software

How to choose an ecommerce multi carrier shipping software? What to look for in a software? What type of software to avoid? Read and find out!

So many packages, so many shipping addresses, so many shipping options for software solutions…. In a market for shipping software solutions where every company seems to offer the same thing, the same options, the same features. In the following link we will show you some of the companies that have one of the best shipping methods that is simple and powerful: shopify.com/shipping/usps

What to Look For:

Marketplace Integration & CSV Mapping

This probably seems like an obvious thing for you to ask for, however, you should keep in mind and know that it is really but really important, especially if you are an omni-channel seller. You need to make absolutely sure that your shipping software company integrates all of the marketplaces. There are many shipping solutions that have what you need and if they don’t, make sure to check and see if there is a CSV mapping option that will allow you to pull orders from the ecommerce platform. You need to find a company that is willing to create a custom-integration to meet your needs and requirements.

Discounted Shipping Rates

Almost all shipping platforms say that they have the most affordable USPS rates. They are all the same and they offer you rates that are below retail known as Commercial Plus Pricing or Commercial Base, however, here is where you need to be really careful: Almost every shipping software company depends on a third-party contract to offer these rates. What we are trying to say is that these shipping software solutions are offering you the contracted USPS rates. Our advice to you is to use a shipping software solution provider that owns the rates with USPS and not to rely on third-party agreements.

Live Expert Support & Reporting

The best ecommerce multi carrier shipping software providers offer great reporting features and allow you an instant access to key data. To be honest, the largest shipping platforms don’t come with modern technical support, instead, they stick to basic features. There are very few that use seasoned shipping experts and professionals who know how to use a parcel program based on a specific package-by-package shipping information.


What to Avoid:

Huge Publicly-Traded Companies

Huge Publicly-Traded Companies – One of the biggest problems with these companies is that they are particularly selfish or so-called penny-pinching when it comes to the price. What is even more important – they are penny-pinching when it comes to their internal resources as well. The end result is bad customer support, no flexibility or scale with your ecommerce business, and

poor strategies. Another problem is that these companies try to do too much. In other words, they offer you rarely-used features and complicated user interfaces which lead to a poor user experience and unsatisfied customers. Our recommendation is to do business with a shipping software company that puts the needs of the customers first and keeps a flexible approach to customer-specific requirements and product feedback.

In order to choose the best ecommerce multi carrier shipping software on the market, you need to choose a company that can offer you distinguishing features including actionable intelligence, detailed rate analyzers, and programs to optimize costs. You need a company that is different and focuses on customer relations.

You need to invest in a superb shopping experience and not in an ordinary shipping solution. You need to invest in a shipping software provider that uses a professional experience in knowledge in ways that are not accomplished with other providers.