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eCommerce multi carrier shipping software options

Online retailers, even the ones that are relatively small, use at least two carriers to process their shipping tasks. In case you have an offer that includes products that come in different shapes, sizes and weights, then you should always use more than one carrier in case you want to save some money and time. But, there is a catch. If you use multiple carriers, you will need time to analyze their offers and to manage the shipping process. In other words, you have to do research to find out which carrier has the best offer for the specific product you are trying to ship at the moment. However, there is a solution to this problem and it’s called eCommerce multi carrier shipping software. We will use this article to highlight a few good software options of this kind.


One of the best things about this eCommerce multi carrier shipping software is the price. Namely, this is one of the most cost affordable solutions you can find on the market. The price depends on the number of orders you are trying to process each month. This is a downloadable software option. When you start using this software, you can integrate it with popular carriers and shopping carts. This option is available only to Windows users.


This is another popular and well-established option for online retailers. Users can import orders from multiple carts and choose many different carriers and shipping options. They can also process their orders, print different labels and get tracking information to their eCommerce platform. You must download and install the software in order to start using all its features. Besides the monthly fee, you will have to prepare for a few additional fees which make TrueShip more expensive than ShipWorks.


The list ends with ShipStation. What makes this option different than the others is that we are talking about a cloud-based software solution. Even if your hard drive stops working for some reason, the information you’ve stored will be available on any device you are using. ShipStation is software with a clean and user-friendly interface and it offers a wide array of useful features to all the users. As one of the leading options in this field, ShipStation has perfect customer service.

Analyze these three popular options and few others in order to find the best eCommerce multi carrier shipping solution for your business.

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